Payment Methods

What kind of payment methods do you accept ? 

Credit Cards:

At Fragmetics our preferred payment method is via a secure credit card transaction. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Orders completed with credit cards will not be charged any additional fees.

Apple Pay:

Introducing the latest payment method added on Fragmetics app and website. Enjoy the easiest & fastest payment process with Apple Pay feature.

Cash on Delivery:

For customers without access to a credit card, we accept Cash on Delivery (COD) as an alternative payment method. (not available for all countries)

Using this service, you can select to pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order.

Is Fragmetics website trusted for online payments ?

At Fragmetics we use industry-leading encryption standards! This encrypts the data you provide to us, ensures it is safe and not accessible to any third party.

From your side, the most important aspect is to protect your password. Your data is only used to process orders and to serve you better.

Your information will not be under any circumstances disclosed to any third party. For more information, please check Terms & Conditions.

My credit card details were rejected! What can I do ?

If you’ve tried to place an order but the payment is not being accepted, we recommend that you check with your bank as well so that your next purchase will be effortless and straightforward.

you can still choose Apple Pay, PayPal or Cash on Delivery.

Is it safe to add and save my credit card details on Fragmetics ?

Adding and saving your credit card details on Fragmetics is to make your shopping experience easier at checkout. In this way, you will not have to add the details every time you make a purchase.

Rest assured that your credit card details will be protected using industry-leading encryption standards. All information is secure and not accessible to any third party.